Firewalla iOS Release 1.29, Android Release 2.40 – Scheduled Blocking
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Firewalla iOS Release 1.29, Android Release 2.40 – Scheduled Blocking

Firewalla iOS Release 1.29, Android Release 2.40 – Scheduled Blocking

12/3/2018 – We are now releasing the latest version of Firewalla App: version 1.29 for iOS, version 2.40 for Android.  Requiring Firewalla Firmware release 1.958.

Over the past two months, we have made many improvements based on your feedback. Thank you for your support and keep your suggestion and feedback coming!

Here are the major changes.

1) Schedule of blocking rules

Firewalla now provides the capability of scheduling. In the rule scheduling UI, there are four choices:

  • Always:  blocking always, never expires unless deleted
  • Every day:  blocking during a certain period of a day
  • Every week:  blocking during a certain period of specific days each week
  • One-Time Only:  blocking one time, expires after a configured time
  • More Information on Parental Control. 

2) Manage alarm generation and receiving notification

We’ve enhanced alarm settings to allow better control of alarms. Per each category of alarms, it has three choices.

  • Send Both Alarm & Notification:  generate an alarm and receiving notification
  • Send Alarm Only: only generate an alarm, don’t send notification
  • Mute All: don’t generate an alarm and don’t send notification

*NOTE:  When you receive an alarm, you have an option of “Allow” or “Block”.  You can view all of your blocking rules in the rules UI. However, you won’t be able to see any allowing rules in the rules UI anymore. The Allowed rules are now moved to Alarm Settings UI under the Mute section of each alarm category. The logic behind this redesign is because the action of “Allow” is really just preventing the system from generating an alarm and sending a notification.

3) Device Back Online / Offline Alarm

Generate an alarm when a device is disconnected(Offline) or re-connected (Back Online) to your network. 

4) VPN

VPN Activity Alarm

If you turn on the VPN Server on your Firewalla box, it will now send you an alarm every time a device is connected to your VPN Server.

VPN Profiles

Starting from this release, when a new VPN profile is generated, all previous profiles will be invalidated.  

5) Manage Rules per device

Under device detail UI, we added “Blocking Rules” section.  It displays all blocking rules that applied to this device.

6) Support deleting device

If a device is no longer connected to your network, you can now manually remove the device and all its related data. Be aware that Firewalla will re-discover this device as a new device when it connects to your network next time.

Tutorial links:

Managing device rules and scheduling block rules

Device online / offline notification and delete the device

VPN activity alarm

Alarm management

Manage Rules

Support resetting app data

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