Firewalla iOS Release 1.31 – Site to Site VPN
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Firewalla iOS Release 1.31 – Site to Site VPN

Firewalla iOS Release 1.31 – Site to Site VPN

New Features:

1) VPN Client  (* Requiring Firewalla Box Beta )

VPN Client feature can selectively send your home device traffic to that VPN tunnel. You can do something like sending all Apple TV traffic to a third party VPN server, or you can set up a site-site VPN with two Firewalla Boxes. More information on VPN Client

  • Able to create new VPN Profile or import VPN profile from other Firewalla boxes. Connect/ Disconnect to VPN Client with one tap for multiple devices in the network
  • Able to enable/disable VPN Mode per device

2) Rule Management

  • Able to edit rules, add notes for rules.
  • Able to pause/resume a rule

3) Search Rules/Alarms

  • Able to search for Rules by Block Target, Device and Rule Notes.
  • Able to search for Alarms by Alarm Title and Alarm Description.

4) Support Primary Network Configuration  (* Requiring Firewalla Box version 1.963 )

  • Able to change Firewalla’s IP address as well as DNS servers, gateway.
  • Able to customize DHCP address pool range for unmonitored devices in DHCP mode.

5)Device status indication on Device List

Gray dot -> Device offline, Yellow dot -> Monitoring Off, Green dot -> Device Online


  • Added “What’s New” link to the latest release note, 
  • Move “Archived Alarm” entrance to the navigation bar.
  • Change the wording from “Allow” to “Mute”, “Allow this time” to “Archive”.
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